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Eliezer S. Filho

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CEO, Azion Technologies

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  • Empresa/Company: Azion Technologies
  • Cargo/Office: CMO
  • Curriculum:

    Named one of the top 3 CMOs of the IT market according IT Mídia 2018 and with fifteen years of experience in marketing, built his career working in large technology companies. He joined Azion in early 2019 with the goal of leading our go-to-market strategy globally. As social activities, works in the topic of LGBTQ, diversity in general and digital inclusion.

    ►Digital Business Strategy ►Digital Transformation (INSEAD and MIT) ► Innovation ► International Leadership (Stanford) ► Diversity and Inclusion (Stanford) ► Marketing ► Public Policy (FGV) ► LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods ► Business Model Generation ► Design Thinking (IDEO) ► Disruptive thinking and exponential technology (OpenExO) ► Lead Generation ► Client Relations & Communications ► Lean Culture ► People Management & Motivation ► Knowledge Development ► Coaching & Performance Feedback ► Product & Service Development

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