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Rua Adelino Cardana, 293, Cj. 514
Edifício Innovation - Bethaville  
Barueri -SP - CEP 06401-147

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The WEB Connection Conference and Technology Fair will be held from October 24 to 26, 2019, in the city of São Paulo at Expo Center Norte Expo Center and will have as its main theme "Information Technology aimed at Startups"


São Paulo has 45 million people, with more than 300 million devices connected to the Internet. According to Cisco Live, across the country will be more than 724 million in 2022.


With the mentoring of the best business models, the participation of the leading technology market leaders and successful cases, we will have a strategic innovation environment


1,500 Startups forecast, national and international, that will expose their business models to the general public and the largest investors in Brazil.




The purpose of this event is primarily to:

  • Leverage opportunities and realize immediate business, such as software, hardware, new technologies, startups and others.
  • Network among professionals in the area;
  • Knowledge of the latest digital technology innovations.




         The target audience for the event consists of entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors, primarily finance, education, security, health, agriculture, urban mobility, government service providers and digital entrepreneurs who are looking for the latest technology innovations in the market.


        This is without counting students of information technology, professors, representatives of Technology Centers, Colleges, Universities, and Associations of the segment.



The Fair will be held in the exhibition center of the Expo Center Norte, White Pavilion, in the city of São Paulo, SP, with 10,000 square meters of area.



The Event has the intention of disclosure in the following media:

Open and closed television channels, radios and social media, Newspapers, Specialized Magazines, Social Networks and Technology Sites.



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